Drawing Gallery

My ink drawings rework imagery that comforted me as a child - trees, homes, people curled up in cozy, protected beds - while evoking the loneliness and vulnerability I often felt. When I started making them, I was often homesick. They are a repetitive effort to soothe and calm, through various means - expression of anxieties, imaginative re-creation of favorite environments, sometimes just the invention of humorous details or secret spaces. The fantasy of a safe location is enacted over and over again, as if drawing these places could make them real. Each fanciful creation, however, is balanced with the reality of its isolation and impossibility. Fears are both conveyed and soothed by the act of drawing. Hand-written words connect the drawings to the present moment, sharing brief related thoughts or experiences from the time I was making each one.

I draw these by hand with dip pens and India ink, using no pencil underdrawing or erasing. Once started, I never abandon or discard a drawing.

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