Painting Gallery

For me, painting is a struggle to relive past moments and make them tangible in the present. I strive to embody memories that cannot truly be pinned down or fully accessed. Acknowledging this impossibility is an inherent part of the artwork - we all have moments we wish we could relive, and struggle with what that means. People are both shocked by how immediate and vivid the past can feel, and by how distant and vague some details can become. When painting, I constantly move forward and back, adding and erasing simultaneously, hovering in between the now of painting and the then of the depicted memory, wavering between spaces and layers. The flat, unsupported canvas allows me to evoke places and feelings while remaining honest about the medium's limitations. It also lets me show the edges of things, like a photo, where we know something is beyond the image - it continues, unlike the complete image-world of most paintings. This lets me show the edge where paint stops and meets blank canvas. Erased or covered-over layers bleed through, hinting at colors and choices that would otherwise be hidden. This is my way of letting the past of the painting exist as well as its finished, final form.